To vs For

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Use for

1) when something is being done to benefit someone or something

Ex.  I bought this gift “for you”

Ex. What can I do “for you?”

Ex: I made food “for the party.”

2) when you are trying to express a purpose or the reason something is happening.

Ex: He runs “for his health.”

Ex: Bring the tea upstairs “for your grandmother.”

Ex:  Buckle your seatbelt “for safety.”


Use to

1) when there is some kind of transfer happening or something is being moved from one place to another, and to express direction

Ex: We went from the restaurant “to” the party.

Ex:  Talk “to” your teacher to get more information about the test.

Ex: I go “to” the office every day.

Ex: He sold his car “to” me for $5,000.


Comparing for and to

Ex: My friend brought lunch “for” me.

=  My friend payed for my lunch because they wanted to do something nice for me.

Ex: My friend brought lunch “to” me.

= My friend physically carried the lunch and delivered it to me.


Ex:  I made a quick phone call “for” my mom.

= My mom wasn’t able to make the phone call, so I made the call for her.

Ex: I made a quick phone call “to” my mom.

= I called with the intention of speaking with my mom.






Mary: Thanks for helping me move into my new apartment, Mike!

Mike: Oh you are welcome, it’ll be much easier ___1__ you if I help.

Mary: Are any of your friends going to come and help also?

Mike: Yeah, I think Jason is going to come. He’ll bring the moving van __2__ your house on Saturday morning at 9am so we can get started.

Mary: Oh great. I want to cook some lunch __3__ you guys. What do you like?

Mike: Why don’t we just take a lunch break and head down __4__ my favorite Japanese restaurant? It’s right next to your new apartment.

Mary: That sounds like a great way to break up the day and to get some more energy __5___ the rest of the afternoon.

Mike: Perfect! Then I will see you on Saturday around 10am.

Mary: Great, see ya then

Answers: 1 = for, 2 = to, 3 = for, 4 = to, 5 = for


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