Episode #7: “Coming to America”

Guest: Yumi


(Scroll down to listen to our conversation.)


Yumi and I chat about her experience of coming to America, and the following:


  • The difference between the North and the South in America.

  • Yumi’s travels to REAL America.

  • Comparing America to Japan

  • How going to America has changed her perspective of Japanese culture.

  • Has Yumi’s personality changed from her stay in America?


Yumi’s Recommendations:

T.V. Show: I Love LucyPreview

Book: Kira KiraPreview

Music: The Dixie ChicksPreview

Follow Yumi:

Twitter: @yumiyumayume


Yumi’s Art Shop

Yumi’s Art Blog

Yumi’s Introduction into Japanese Culture Blog


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  • I have a good impression of you by your way of talking. So let me ask you something.
    I’m practicing the song”Temperature”by Sean Paul. What kind of accents is this song? It’s very hard to sing XD

    happyuanNovember 21, 2013
    • Profile photo of Evil

      Hello. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. I’m very happy you enjoy the way I speak.
      Sade is one of my favorite singers.

      Wow, you’re trying to sing some Sean Paul! That would be hard for me to try to sing like. He is from Jamaica, so he has a Jamaican accent (like Bob Marley). Good luck with that, and thanks again for listening.


      EvilNovember 22, 2013

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