Episode #16 “The Drummer”

Guest: Dunny


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Dunny and I chat about drumming and the following:

College days

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Dunny’s band – GOBI

Describing GOBI: ” You’re gonna move whether you want to or not.”

Finding Duende

These musical patterns are already in human’s brains.

Don’t follow what’s popular.

What do drummers think about while drumming?

 Drummers and bassists are the most underrated part of a band.

The club scene in Austin, Texas (The Live Music Capital of the World)

“If I was in for the money, I would have been gone along time ago.”

Staying focused

What’s GOBI doing now?



Dunny’s Recommendations:

Movie : The Good the Bad and the UglyPreview

                History of the World (Mel Brooks)  – Preview

Documentary : BlackfishPreview

Music :  GOBI (Dunny’s band) – “Born To Dance”


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  • really enjoyed listening to this… so many good memories. time to meet up again soon

    brian guitarJune 11, 2014

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