Episode #21: Chatting With Ai About Her Experience In America

Guest: Ai


On this episode of the Evil English Podcast, I chat with Ai about her experience in America and the following:

Why do you teach English? – 11:00

What is your opinion of America? – 12:20

Bad parts of America – 13:50

Have you experienced Yellow Fever? – 19:30

What made you interested to learn English? – 24: 38

What was your first year in America like? – 32:40

When did you decide to start teaching English? – 36:05

Ai’s Donald Trump story – 40:20

The culture of Florida and the American south – 45:10

American education vs Japanese education  – 47:40

Japanese people’s different reasons for learning English –  56:20

Japanese people’s issues with speaking English –  1:01:00

What are Ai’s plans after college? – 1:07:54

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