American Millennials are Crybabies


When I was a teenager, I listened to grunge music like Nirvana and vandalized (purposely destroyed or altered) public objects, like Stop signs etc.  I was a dumb kid who hated authority and felt I needed to break things to get attention.  Luckily I never went to jail and soon grew out of that phase of my life.

The American Millennials, (today’s teenagers and young adults) have a different way of doing things.  They have much more freedoms and opportunities than Americans have ever had.  They’ve grown up protected from danger, incredibly informed from new technology like the internet and smart phones, and have always been taught they are “special.”

This has led to the rise of the Social Justice Warrior, (SJW for short.)  SJWs use things like social media and public forums to express their opinions about social justices.  Of course social justices like the fair and equal treatment of women, all races and all religions are important.  America’s Feminist movement and Civil Rights movement in the 1960s was an amazing time and showed our ability to grow as people and as a country.

The problem with the Social Justice Warrior is their real purpose is to increase their own reputation.  They believe they are the ultimate good guy/girl, and everyone will recognize how great of a person they are when they attack someone for their sexist, racist or bigoted behavior.  Even if that behavior is someone saying a silly joke about the obvious differences between cultures, races or men and women,  the SJW is ready to attack and publicly humiliate the jokester.

They are basically crybabies.  They don’t care about the freedom of Free Speech or humor when their feelings are hurt.

One example I will share is from a few months ago at Yale University.  Some students were upset with the university for allowing other students to wear offensive costumes during Halloween parties.  An example might be a white girl dressing as a Native American, etc.  Yale University President sent out an email basically politely telling the offended students that they need to relax and not complain about someone’s tasteless humor or possibly offensive costume.  The offended students came back with great anger and demanded the university president apologize. Listen to how they talk to the university president (Master.)  And remember this is Yale University, which is considered one the highest academic universities in America.

These kids piss me off when I watch this.  They want to be protected from all offensive things.  They have no idea what real life is like.  I would like to hear them talk to their future boss this way.  It’s not the job of the university to protect you and hold you and tell you everything is going to be ok.  Their job is to educate, that’s it.

Yale University is not the only example.  It’s happening all over America.  All I can say is these kids need to grow up.


You watch more videos from this Yale situation here.

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