Badass   Describing a person =  tough, uncompromising, intimidating,  or talented Ex:  John Wayne and Bruce Lee were both “badass” actors. (they were tough, intimidating, talented) Ex: My grandfather fought in World War II.  He was a true “badass.”   Describing an object = cool (*Used mostly by young people) Ex: Those shoes are “badass.” […]


Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah   = non important information, meaningless talk, I don’t care   Ex: She had a coffee a donut and “blah blah blah.”  (Whatever else is not important) Ex:  Yeah yeah, “blah blah blah.”  Mom, you said that yesterday.  (What you said was meaningless) Ex: Oh your brother is a internet millionaire “blah […]


Nuh Uh

Nuh Uh = no, no way (amazement)   *often used by young people who are arguing **similar to “uhn uh”or “no way”   Ex: Person #1:  You stole my money. Person #2:  “Nuh uh,” I didn’t steal your money.  (No) Ex:  Person 1: You are the winner of the contest. Person #2: “Nuh uh,”  I […]


Uhn Uh

Uhn Uh (or pronounced uh uh )   = no, showing disagreement   *opposite of uh huh   Ex: Mother:  Did you brush your teeth? Child:  “Uhn uh”  I’m busy playing a video game.  I will brush my teeth later. Ex: (Mother to child) “Uhn uh”  Do not climb on the furniture.  It’s not a toy. […]


Uh Huh

Uh Huh = yes, I see   *opposite of uhn uh   Ex: Mom: Did you brush your teeth? Child:  “Uh huh.”  I already brushed them.   (Yes) “Uh huh” is also used in a conversation to confirm to the speaker that you understand what they are saying. Ex: “Uh huh” ….  I see,  that’s […]


Dig (Something)

Dig (Something)  [slang]   = to like IMPORTANT NOTE: this is not the same as the verb “to dig.”  Ex: To dig a hole.     Ex: I “dig your new car.”  It is so cool Ex: I’m really “digging this music.”  It makes me want to dance.  



Copycat   = a person who copies another’s behavior, clothing, or ideas   Ex: He always tries to act like me, and says the same things I do.  He’s such a “copycat.” Ex: My dad always told me to be unique, think for myself, and don’t be a “copycat” by following what other people do.

Big Deal

Big Deal = something very important   Ex: This party is a “big deal.”  I want to look my best. Ex:  This is the final test of the year, so it’s a “big deal.”     What’s the big deal? = why is this bad / important ?   Ex: “What’s the big deal” with gay marriage?  […]

Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Momma

Sugar Daddy / Sugar Momma = a rich older man or woman who buys gifts for a younger  man or woman for her company or sexual favors     Ex: She only stays with her “sugar daddy” because he’s always buying her expensive things. Ex: She doesn’t want a real boyfriend.  She just wants a […]

Tongue in Cheek

Tongue in Cheek (or sometimes called “tongue and cheek”) = to be joking, kidding     Ex: He’s always speaking “tongue in cheek.” He never acts serious. Ex: The speaker’s “tongue in cheek” comments about her children had the audience laughing.