Phrasal Verb


Turn a Blind Eye

Turn a Blind Eye = pretend not to notice   Ex:  The management at the business “turned a blind eye” at bulling from some of its employees. Ex:  We can’t just “turn a blind eye” towards all the starving human beings in the world.      


Cross the Line

Cross the Line = to overstep a boundary, rule, or limit; to go too far or do something unacceptable     Ex: I know he was trying to tell a joke, but what he said “crossed the line.” Ex:  I don’t have a problem with you talking to my girlfriend, but taking her out for […]


Lighten Up

Lighten Up   = be less serious, relax   IMPORTANT NOTE: “Lighten up” can also mean to make a color lighter. Ex: This color of paint is too dark, we should “lighten it up.”   Ex: She was angry when he said a joke about her, but she should “lighten up” and laugh at the […]


Stand Up For / To

Stand Up For/ To Stand Up For = to defend a person/ group or idea who is being criticized or attacked Ex: If we see someone getting bullied, we should “stand up for them” and defend them from the bully. Ex: I’m proud that I wasn’t afraid to “stand up for myself” when they said […]


Get the Hang of

Get the Hang of = to do something enough that you learned how to do it   Ex: Learning how to drive a car is difficult at first, but soon you will “get the hang of it.” Ex: After three weeks of using this new computer, I’m finally “getting the hang of using it.”  


Make Fun of (Someone/ Something)

Make Fun of (Someone/ Something)   = tease, laugh at, joke about, or mock someone/ something   Ex: The other students “made fun of him” because he looked different. Ex: When she moved north, other people “made fun of her southern accent.”    

Give Me a Break

Give Me a Break!   = 3 meanings:   1) stop it, that is enough,  stop bothering me 2) I don’t believe you, you can’t expect anyone to believe you 3) Don’t be so harsh.  Give me another chance     1) Give me a break = stop it Ex:  I’m tired of hearing you […]

Go On

Go On (phrasal verb)   = 1) continue   Ex:  I’m sorry for interrupting our conversation, please “go on” with what you were talking about before. Ex: It’s been raining for 10 straight days.  I wonder how long this will keep “going on.” Ex: The man’s speech “went on” for another 3 hours before I […]

Hit the Jackpot

Hit the Jackpot   Figurative meaning = to be exactly right, to find exactly what you were looking for   Literal meaning = to win the greatest prize from gambling or lottery   Ex: I was looking for a house with a big front yard and a fireplace, and I really “hit the jackpot” with […]

Hit the Spot

Hit the Spot = 1) something that feels/tastes refreshing (It was a good idea to do that or eat/drink that)     2) to be exactly right   (you may also see it as “spot on.”)     Ex:  After a long day, a cold beer would really “hit the spot.” Ex:  That massage “hit […]