Phrasal Verbs

 Phrasal Verbs are a verb + a preposition or adverb which creates a new meaning different from the original verb.

Turn a Blind Eye

Stand Up For/ To

Lighten Up

Cross the Line

Get the Hang of

Make Fun of Someone/Something


Go On 

Hit the Jackpot

Hit the Spot 

Put Up With

Pig Out 

Give Someone a Hard Time

Hit It Off

See Stars

Knock Out (work)

Knock Out

Tie Up Loose Ends

Go Nuts

Get Something Off Your Chest

 Hit the Sack/ Hit the Hay

Give Someone the Benefit of the Doubt

Haul Ass

Get Cold Feet

Make One’s Mark

Push Someone’s Buttons

Man Up

Deal With

Keep Your Cool

Play It By Ear

Give Up

Make Ends Meet

Hear Me Out

Give Someone an Earful

Make Up One’s Mind

Get Over Something/Someone

Wear Out

Give Someone the Boot

Hit the Deck

Freak Out

Stand Out

 Watch Your Back

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Flip the Script

Chicken Out

To Go Off On a Tangent

Break the Ice

Snap Out Of It

Lay Off

To Have It In For Someone

Face Off

Chip In

Back Down

Fed Up

End Up

Sneak in/ Sneak out

Break The Mold

Blow Up

Give In

Ask Someone Out

Grow Into/Out of Something

Get Away With Something

Get Back At Someone

Use Something Up

Go Bananas

Fall For

Zone Out

Set Up

Take A Load Off

Stay Tuned

Move On

Blow Off

Make Something Up

To Look To Someone