Two Faced

Two Faced   = when a person acts a certain  way in one situation, and acts different in another situation * synonym words = insincere, deceitful     Ex: You can’t trust her.  She is “two faced.” She will be very nice to you, and then talk bad about you when you’re gone.   Ex: […]


Or Else

Or Else     1. Used to say what will happen if something is not done. Ex: You have to leave, “or else” I will call the police.   2. Used to say what another possibility is. Ex: He thinks he can do it, “or else” he is not interested.   3. Used as an […]


When Push Comes to Shove

When/ If Push Comes to Shove   = when a situation becomes so bad or desperate, that serious action is urgently needed     Ex: I’m normally a nice person, but “when push comes to shove” and someone threatens my family or me, I will fight them. Ex:  It might be difficult to find a […]

Everyone Atau Every One

Everyone vs Every One

Everyone vs Every One   Everyone = ALL the people in a group. (You can also use everybody.) Ex: The new rules will affect “everyone” at our job.   Every One = EACH person who makes up a group. Ex: My mother would like to thank “every one” of you who helped her during her illness.   […]


Son of a Bitch

Son of a Bitch   =  1) person (usually a man) that you strongly dislike or hate 2) expression to show frustration (Level  2 Curse Word )   Ex:  That “son of a bitch”  stole my parking spot. Ex:  The tire on my car is flat.  “Son of a bitch!”  


Who vs Whom

Who vs Whom   Who = subject pronoun   Ex:  Who ate the apple? Ex:  Who got the job?   Whom = object pronoun   Ex: The apple was eaten by whom?  (“The apple” is the subject) Ex: Whom do you love?  ( “You” are the subject)   Tip to remember: If you can replace […]


Turn a Blind Eye

Turn a Blind Eye = pretend not to notice   Ex:  The management at the business “turned a blind eye” at bulling from some of its employees. Ex:  We can’t just “turn a blind eye” towards all the starving human beings in the world.      


Cross the Line

Cross the Line = to overstep a boundary, rule, or limit; to go too far or do something unacceptable     Ex: I know he was trying to tell a joke, but what he said “crossed the line.” Ex:  I don’t have a problem with you talking to my girlfriend, but taking her out for […]


Buy (What Someone Said)

Buy (What Someone Said)   = believe   Ex:  That idea sounds good to me, but will your wife “buy it?” Ex: I’m not “buying his story.” I think he is lying.    


Episode #25 English and the Internet

With: Just me   On this episode, I talk about the internet and how helpful it is for learning English.   If you’re on Twitter check out these great accounts. @EnglishSmarts @Grouchy_daddy @BreakBadEnglish @monicats @EmmyEast3716 @naomico_today @Ai__English If you want to improve your English then I recommend becoming a member of Evil English.  It’s FREE […]



Eye-Opening   = something that causes a strong emotional reaction because of unexpectedness, enlightening experience     Ex:  Moving out from your parents home can be an “eye-opening” experience. Ex:  The documentary was “eye-opening” to watch because I learned so many new things.        



Badass   Describing a person =  tough, uncompromising, intimidating,  or talented Ex:  John Wayne and Bruce Lee were both “badass” actors. (they were tough, intimidating, talented) Ex: My grandfather fought in World War II.  He was a true “badass.”   Describing an object = cool (*Used mostly by young people) Ex: Those shoes are “badass.” […]


Who’s vs Whose

Who’s vs Whose   Who’s  = who is/ who has Ex: “Who’s” going to the party this weekend? Ex: “Who’s” calling my phone at midnight? Ex: “Who’s” that?   Whose = possessive pronoun * Whose can refer to things in addition to people Ex: “Whose” umbrella is this? (Who owns this umbrella?) Ex:  I’m thinking […]


Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah   = non important information, meaningless talk, I don’t care   Ex: She had a coffee a donut and “blah blah blah.”  (Whatever else is not important) Ex:  Yeah yeah, “blah blah blah.”  Mom, you said that yesterday.  (What you said was meaningless) Ex: Oh your brother is a internet millionaire “blah […]

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 6.24.15 PM

To vs For

  Use for 1) when something is being done to benefit someone or something Ex.  I bought this gift “for you” Ex. What can I do “for you?” Ex: I made food “for the party.” 2) when you are trying to express a purpose or the reason something is happening. Ex: He runs “for his […]


Episode #22: Welcome Back

Guest: Just me Welcome back! On this episode I answer random questions from my followers on Twitter and Facebook. Such as: What is Evil English? – 4:00 What languages can I speak? – 10:55 What are my hobbies? – 15:18  What is my opinion of the new U.S. president, Donald Trump? – 19:24   If […]


Lighten Up

Lighten Up   = be less serious, relax   IMPORTANT NOTE: “Lighten up” can also mean to make a color lighter. Ex: This color of paint is too dark, we should “lighten it up.”   Ex: She was angry when he said a joke about her, but she should “lighten up” and laugh at the […]


Stand Up For / To

Stand Up For/ To Stand Up For = to defend a person/ group or idea who is being criticized or attacked Ex: If we see someone getting bullied, we should “stand up for them” and defend them from the bully. Ex: I’m proud that I wasn’t afraid to “stand up for myself” when they said […]


How to Use “Quotation Marks”

1) Use quotation marks when quoting someone directly. (Jane said, “I will meet you for lunch.”) 2) Use quotation marks around the titles of articles, poems, short stories, songs, and TV shows. The larger works are italicized. (Richard Burton performed the song “Camelot” in the 1960 Broadway musical Camelot.) 3) In American English, periods and […]


For Crying Out Loud

For Crying Out Loud = expression used to show irritation and impatience Similar expression: “For Christ’s/ god’s sake!”   Ex: “For crying out loud!”  Our team’s coach is so stupid. Ex: Oh, “for crying out loud!”  I never said that. Stop lying.    


Get the Hang of

Get the Hang of = to do something enough that you learned how to do it   Ex: Learning how to drive a car is difficult at first, but soon you will “get the hang of it.” Ex: After three weeks of using this new computer, I’m finally “getting the hang of using it.”  


Off the Top of One’s Head

Off the Top of One’s Head   = 1) answering a question without much thought or knowledge 2) based on what you remember   Ex: Person #1: How much can I sell my car for? Person #2: “Off the top of my head” I would say about a thousand. ( a guess without knowing precisly) […]


To Have Someone’s Back

To Have Someone’s Back   = to support or defend someone, to watch out for them   Ex:  If anyone tries to hurt you, I “have your back” and will help protect you. Ex: You can always rely on your parents to “have your back” when everyone else is against you.    


Listen & Learn: Jim Croce

Jim Croce was a famous singer- songwriter in the 1970s. In the 1960s he began doing gigs in small clubs and college parties. In the 1970s singer-songwriters became very popular. Jim also wrote songs for other musicians. In 1973 he wrote his first major hit single “Bad Bad Leroy Brown.” He was destined to become […]


The Big Picture

The Big Picture = the situation as a whole, the overall view, the entire perspective on an issue or situation   Ex: We need to look at “the big picture” before we can focus on the specfic smaller details. Ex: The government plans to stop making the penny (1 cent coin), but looking at “the […]


Listen & Learn: Zero 7

Zero 7 is two musicians from England. Their names are Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker. In the 1990’s they began as musician engineers. They helped create music for other musicians. In 2001, they released their first album “Simple Things”. Their music is like downtempo and jazz. They collaborate with many singers and musicians. Their music […]


U.S. City and State Nicknames

U.S. City Nicknames Atlanta (Georgia) = Hotlanta Austin (Texas) = Live Music Capital of the World, ATX Boston (Massachusetts) = Beantown Chicago (Illinois) = Chi- Town, The Windy City Dallas (Texas) = Big D Denver (Colorado) = The Mile-High City Detroit (Michigan) = The Moter City, Motown Fort Worth (Texas) = Cowtown, Funky town Honolulu […]


Listen & Learn: Bob Marley

I think most people like Bob Marley. I’ve always enjoyed his music. He is definitely the most famous Reggae musician ever. His religion was Rastafarian. Rastafarian is the mixture of Christianity and African religions Rastafarian people believe the former Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie I, is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Also, for spiritual purposes, Rastafarian […]


Listen & Learn: Billy Joel

Billy Joel is an American Rock n Roll pianist from New York City. Inspired from seeing the Beatles perform on T.V., he joined a band at the age of 16. Billy recorded his first solo album in 1970, but didn’t have major succes until 1977’s release of the album “The Stranger.” He followed that with […]


Listen & Learn: Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai is a band from London England The origin of the band name comes from the Native American tribe the Iroquois, and the English word “Jam.” Jamiroquai’s music is like acid jazz, funk and disco. Their music was influenced by Stevie Wonder. Jamiroquai’s singer is Jay Kay. Jay Kay’s mother was a famous jazz singer. […]


WTF: Japanese Donald Trump Commercial

WTF!  Is this real?   It can’t be. Most Japanese people don’t like Donald Trump after he said America should stop helping protect Japan and give Japan their own nuclear bombs so they can defend themselves. I’m guessing it’s joke because it was made by Mike Diva, and American Youbtube personailty, and special effects artist. […]

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.46.10 AM

Son Puts “Honk If You’re Horny” Sign On Dad’s Car. Dad Not Laughing

  An Australian teenager puts a sign that says “honk if you’re horny” on the back of his dad’s car.  The dad obviously frustrated, went nuts when he didn’t know why everyone was honking their car horn at him while he was driving.


Set the Record Straight

Set the Record Straight   = give the truth about an event that has been reported incorrectly   Ex: Let me “set the record straight.”  I never cheated despite what you may have heard. Ex: After she read the untrue story about herself on the internet, she knew she had to “set the record straight,” […]


Talk vs Speak

Talk vs Speak   Talk = to have a conversation with someone In spoken English we usually use talk in the continuous form. Ex: I was talking with him about the game on TV. Ex: People in the movie theatre kept talking during the movie. Ex: That girl talks forever.   Prepositions used with talk […]


Say vs Tell

Say vs Tell Say = to speak words Say/said is usually used when repeating what someone has said. Ex: He said he was feeling sick. Ex: What did she say? Ex: When he said he was quitting, we became sad.   Prepositions used with say/ said We use “to” with said to show who we […]


Listen & Learn: Al Green

  Al Green is an American gospel, R&B, and soul music singer. He became very famous in the 1970s. He was born in 1946, in Arkansas, America. He was the 6th of 10 children born in his family. He started his first band in 1967. In 1970, he released the famous single “Tired of Being […]


Listen & Learn: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an Indie rock band from New York City. They formed in 2000. In 2003, they released their first album, Fever to Tell. They quickly gained popularity and were nominated for a Grammy award. Their lead singer, Karen O, is always full of energy during their performances. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s […]


Listen & Learn: Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline was a famous Country musician. She was born in Virginia, U.S.A. in 1932. When she was born her 16 -year-old mother worked as a seamstress and her 43-year -old father worked as a blacksmith. Her father abandoned the family when Patsy was 15 years old. So she dropped out of school and became […]


Listen & Learn: Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is an American musician. He is the singer and guitarist for the E Street Band. His nickname is “The Boss.” He was born in 1949 in New Jersey. In 1975, he released the album “Born To Run.” That album was his first successful album. In 1984, he released the album “Born In The […]


Listen & Learn: The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are two DJs from Manchester,England. Originally, their name was the Dust Brothers. However, because another band already had that name, they changed their name to the Chemical Brothers to avoid a lawsuit. The Chemical Brothers use a lot of electronic sounds. In England, electronic music is very popular. However, their music is […]


Listen & Learn: Blur

  Blur is an English alternative rock band. They began in London, England in 1989. They were a part of the 90’s Brit-Pop music movement. Blur’s rival was another famous English band called Oasis. Both bands would talk bad about the other band in music magazines. Blur became very famous in England. However, until 1997 […]


Ask Evil #17

Guest: Kyoko On this episode of the Ask Evil Podcast Kyoko and I chat about English including the following: Throw Someone/ Something Off  – 3:15 Throw the Book At Someone  –  7:40 Straight Up  – 10:58 In a Heartbeat – 16:15 Hit Back – 19:15


Listen & Learn: Phil Collins & Genesis

As children, the first music we like is usually based on the type of music our parents listen to. So for me, most of my early favorite bands were whatever my mother was listening to as she drove me to and from school. And believe it or not, the first music concert I ever went […]


Listen & Learn: Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday is considered one of the greatest jazz singers ever. She was born in 1915. Her real name was Eleanora Fagan. She grew up in Baltimore, U.S. and had a painful childhood. She dropped out of school when she was 11-years old. Later, she was raped by a neighbor and removed from her mother’s […]


Episode #21: Chatting With Ai About Her Experience In America

Guest: Ai On this episode of the Evil English Podcast, I chat with Ai about her experience in America and the following: Why do you teach English? – 11:00 What is your opinion of America? – 12:20 Bad parts of America – 13:50 Have you experienced Yellow Fever? – 19:30 What made you interested to […]


Listen & Learn: Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is a British rock band that formed in 1967. Actually the only remaining original member is drummer Mick Fleetwood. Soon after starting they added bassist John McVie. They also added his wife, keyboardist Christine McVie. Early 1970s, they had modest success. However, some band members became tired and decided to leave the band. […]


Friday Night Fights: Apple vs the U.S. Government

A few months ago, there was a shooting in San Bernardino, California, leaving 14 people dead.  The killers, who were later killed by police, were identified to be Muslim terrorists.  The F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)  has been trying to gather as much information about the killers as they can.  However, the F.B.I. is not […]


Friday Night Fights: Donald Trump vs the Pope

  In this match, U.S. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and Pope Francis face off. While visiting Mexico, the Pope was asked about his opinion on Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has said that if he becomes president of the U.S. he will build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep out the Mexican migrants. […]


Listen & Learn: Air

Air’s name comes from the initials A.I.R. In French, it stands for “Amour, Imagination, Rêve,” which translates to “love, imagination and dream.” Their music is like electronic, rock and lounge music. The two band members are from France. Jean-Benoit Dunkell is in charge of vocals, piano, synthesizer, vibraphone, etc. Nicolas Godin is in charge of […]


The Race For U.S. President is Heating Up

Democrat  vs Republican (BTW, the Democrat’s symbol is the donkey, and the Republican’s symbol is the elephant.)   Battle For the Democratic (Liberal) Nominee Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Six months ago I would have said that Hillary Clinton had the biggest chance of any candidate to become president, but now that’s all changed.  Now, […]


Social Justice Warriors Protest Kimono Exhibition

Audio and voice recording >>   (Source) Last summer,  the Boston Museum of Fine Arts had a special art presentation called Kimono Wednesday, where they let people try on Japanese kimonos.  The presentation was part of an exhibition celebrating Claude Monet’s famous painting “La Japonaise.” People could wear a kimono that looks similar to the […]


American Millennials are Crybabies

When I was a teenager, I listened to grunge music like Nirvana and vandalized (purposely destroyed or altered) public objects, like Stop signs etc.  I was a dumb kid who hated authority and felt I needed to break things to get attention.  Luckily I never went to jail and soon grew out of that phase […]


Ask Evil #16

Guest: Yumi On this episode of the Ask Evil Podcast, Yumi and I chat about English and the following: To Be Stuffed Nailed it Hit the Nail On the Head To Have an Itch to Do Something Copycat Hot Boxing


Chinese Copycat Cities

Source China is known for being a copycat culture.  They recently got into trouble for having fake Apple stores that sold fake Apple computers.  This copycat culture doesn’t just mean products.  China has also become interested in copying entire cities of the world.  Seriously. The Chinese architects have no interest in thinking outside the box. […]

How Actor Sean Penn Helped Capture the World’s Biggest Drug Dealer

  (Source) If you don’t know who Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is, he’s basically the biggest drug dealer ever.  His Mexican drug cartel is responsible for a lot of the world’s drug trade along with murders, kidnappings and all sorts of really bad things. El Chapo escaped a maximum security prison last July in Mexico […]

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.41.53 PM

Watch Some Young Girls Sing a Creepy Donald Trump Song

  On Wednesday, in Pensacola, Florida, Donald Trump gave a speech to 10,000 of his supporters in his quest to become America’s next president.  The most creepy thing (besides Donald Trump’s hair) was a song performance by some young girls. With some lyrics such as “Enemies of freedom face the music” and “come on boys, […]


Japanese Mummies Are Way Cooler Than Egyptian Mummies

Unfortunately, Japanese mummies are not this  hot   Here you go. Maybe he is more your type. (Source) “The mountains of Japan’s Yamagata prefecture are considered sacred by the Buddhists in the region. These holy sites are sparsely populated, their forests interrupted only occasionally by isolated Buddhist temples. Many of the men serving in the […]


Episode #20: Japan Military

Guest: Saki (Scroll down to listen to the podcast.)   On this episode, I chat with Saki about the recent news about the growing military in Japan as well as the following:   Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently passed a bill adding “collective self defense” to the constitution. According to Article 9 of the […]


It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is   = there is nothing you can do to help or change the situation, so accept it   Ex: We tried to win the game, but we lost.  “It is what it is.”  We can’t change it. We’ll try to to do better next time. Ex: I don’t want to […]


24 / 7

24 / 7 24/ 7 (twenty four seven) = non stop, around the clock (Basically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)     Ex: The store is open “24/7,” so it never closes. Ex:  You can call me anytime, “24/7.”  No matter what time, I will answer the phone.