How Actor Sean Penn Helped Capture the World’s Biggest Drug Dealer




If you don’t know who Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is, he’s basically the biggest drug dealer ever.  His Mexican drug cartel is responsible for a lot of the world’s drug trade along with murders, kidnappings and all sorts of really bad things.

El Chapo escaped a maximum security prison last July in Mexico because some friends  built him a tunnel. It was big news, and the search for El Chapo was on.  However, finding one Mexican guy who looks like Mario from Nintendo’s Mario Brothers is hard to do.

Enter Sean Penn.  Sean Penn is a famous American actor, known from such roles as  the stoner, Jeff Spicoli,  from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and other roles.  When he’s not busy making movies he’s busy being a political activist, traveling to countries like Cuba and Venezuela, that kinda pisses off the U.S. government.

How these two men from completely different worlds met is an interesting story.   Basically to tell a long story short, a Mexican soap opera actress, Kate del Castillo, seemed to attract the interest of the drug dealer, El Chapo.  In fact, she was working on making a movie about El Chapo.  El Chapo basically wanted his story to become a Hollywood movie.


(Kate del Castillo)

Kate del Castillo was contacted by El Chapo’s lawyer because he wanted to discuss the movie about  El Chapo.  However, the lawyer didn’t know he was under surveillance, ( being secretly watched) by the Mexican government.   Del Castillo, apparently friends with the actor Sean Penn, arranged an interview. According to text messages, El Chapo didn’t know who Sean Penn was, and had never done an interview with any media before.

In October 2015, del Castillo and Penn traveled in a private jet to a secret place in Mexico to meet with El Chapo.  And just as you would expect, they were greeted by El Chapo’s men who carried lots of guns.  The interview which can be read in Rolling Stone, took place over 7 hours.  They chatted about El Chapo’s life and rise as the world’s biggest drug dealer, while eating tacos and drinking tequila.

The article of the interview was published this week.  However, one day before it was published, the Mexican government announced they had finally caught El Chapo.  Basically, instead of sending the Mexican police, who are known for not being trustworthy, they sent the Mexican army to capture El Chapo. The intense bullet flying raid can be seen in the video below.

El Chapo somehow was able to escape the house, but was later caught on the highway outside of town. He is now in the process of being sent to a U.S. prison, where it’s a little harder to escape from.

As for Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo, they are under investigation by both the Mexican and U.S. governments.  Let’s just say the American government is once again pissed off at Sean Penn.

It’s definitely the craziest story so far in 2016.

It seems like this story could be some stoner’s dream.

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