Friday Night Fights: Donald Trump vs the Pope



In this match, U.S. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and Pope Francis face off.

While visiting Mexico, the Pope was asked about his opinion on Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has said that if he becomes president of the U.S. he will build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep out the Mexican migrants.

Pope Francis said that deporting immigrants, and building a wall is not Christian.  Donald Trump, not one to avoid an argument, even if that person is someone as highly respected as the Pope, got back at the Pope, by saying it’s disgraceful for the Pope to question his religious views.  You can read his full response here.

Donald Trump tried to go for the knock out punch by retweeting some photos of the Vatican’s high walls, trying to show the hypocrisy of the Pope’s comments.


This has already been the strangest presidential race I’ve ever seen, and it just continues to get stranger.  How do you get in an argument with the Pope?  SMH

Some people may feel the Pope should stay out of American political discussions, but for me it’s just fun to watch them argue.

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