Chinese Copycat Cities




China is known for being a copycat culture.  They recently got into trouble for having fake Apple stores that sold fake Apple computers.  This copycat culture doesn’t just mean products.  China has also become interested in copying entire cities of the world.  Seriously.

The Chinese architects have no interest in thinking outside the box. If you want to visit Paris, but you hate French people or croissants, then let me recommend visiting Tianducheng, China.  It is a replica city of Paris, France.  It has all the same buildings including the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and other famous places.  Not only does China have their own Paris, but they have a Venice, New York, London and many other replica cities.

What is even more interesting is that these cities are almost completely empty of people.  The Chinese government had this idea that if you build the city first, then the people will come.  Unfortunately very few Chinese people have moved to these cities leaving them almost like ghost towns.



( Fake Paris, France in Tianducheng, China)



( Fake Venice, Italy in Wuqing, China)



(Fake Tower Bridge in Fake London in real Suzhou, China)



(Fake Manhattan New York, USA in Tianjin, China)



(Fake Hallstat, Austria in Guangdong, China)



(Fake Sphinz in Shijiazhuang, China)



(Fake Holland town in Gaoqiao, China)



(Fake Leaning Tower of Piza in Shanghai, China)


Don’t let this article scare you from copying the Chinese girl’s answers in your math class.  She is good at math and you are not.  But don’t let her copy your paper airplane.

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