2017 June


Who vs Whom

Who vs Whom   Who = subject pronoun   Ex:  Who ate the apple? Ex:  Who got the job?   Whom = object pronoun   Ex: The apple was eaten by whom?  (“The apple” is the subject) Ex: Whom do you love?  ( “You” are the subject)   Tip to remember: If you can replace […]


Turn a Blind Eye

Turn a Blind Eye = pretend not to notice   Ex:  The management at the business “turned a blind eye” at bulling from some of its employees. Ex:  We can’t just “turn a blind eye” towards all the starving human beings in the world.      


Cross the Line

Cross the Line = to overstep a boundary, rule, or limit; to go too far or do something unacceptable     Ex: I know he was trying to tell a joke, but what he said “crossed the line.” Ex:  I don’t have a problem with you talking to my girlfriend, but taking her out for […]


Buy (What Someone Said)

Buy (What Someone Said)   = believe   Ex:  That idea sounds good to me, but will your wife “buy it?” Ex: I’m not “buying his story.” I think he is lying.