2016 October


For Crying Out Loud

For Crying Out Loud = expression used to show irritation and impatience Similar expression: “For Christ’s/ god’s sake!”   Ex: “For crying out loud!”  Our team’s coach is so stupid. Ex: Oh, “for crying out loud!”  I never said that. Stop lying.    


Get the Hang of

Get the Hang of = to do something enough that you learned how to do it   Ex: Learning how to drive a car is difficult at first, but soon you will “get the hang of it.” Ex: After three weeks of using this new computer, I’m finally “getting the hang of using it.”  


Off the Top of One’s Head

Off the Top of One’s Head   = 1) answering a question without much thought or knowledge 2) based on what you remember   Ex: Person #1: How much can I sell my car for? Person #2: “Off the top of my head” I would say about a thousand. ( a guess without knowing precisly) […]