2016 July


U.S. City and State Nicknames

U.S. City Nicknames Atlanta (Georgia) = Hotlanta Austin (Texas) = Live Music Capital of the World, ATX Boston (Massachusetts) = Beantown Chicago (Illinois) = Chi- Town, The Windy City Dallas (Texas) = Big D Denver (Colorado) = The Mile-High City Detroit (Michigan) = The Moter City, Motown Fort Worth (Texas) = Cowtown, Funky town Honolulu […]


Listen & Learn: Bob Marley

I think most people like Bob Marley. I’ve always enjoyed his music. He is definitely the most famous Reggae musician ever. His religion was Rastafarian. Rastafarian is the mixture of Christianity and African religions Rastafarian people believe the former Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie I, is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Also, for spiritual purposes, Rastafarian […]


Virtue Signalling

Virtue Signalling   = saying you love or hate something to show off what a good person you are, instead of actually fixing the problem (used often with social media)   Ex: Mary posts on Twitter: “I hate FOX news because they’re mean to women.” John: You should do something about it instead of just […]


Listen & Learn: Billy Joel

Billy Joel is an American Rock n Roll pianist from New York City. Inspired from seeing the Beatles perform on T.V., he joined a band at the age of 16. Billy recorded his first solo album in 1970, but didn’t have major succes until 1977’s release of the album “The Stranger.” He followed that with […]