2016 May

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Son Puts “Honk If You’re Horny” Sign On Dad’s Car. Dad Not Laughing

  An Australian teenager puts a sign that says “honk if you’re horny” on the back of his dad’s car.  The dad obviously frustrated, went nuts when he didn’t know why everyone was honking their car horn at him while he was driving.


Set the Record Straight

Set the Record Straight   = give the truth about an event that has been reported incorrectly   Ex: Let me “set the record straight.”  I never cheated despite what you may have heard. Ex: After she read the untrue story about herself on the internet, she knew she had to “set the record straight,” […]


Talk vs Speak

Talk vs Speak   Talk = to have a conversation with someone In spoken English we usually use talk in the continuous form. Ex: I was talking with him about the game on TV. Ex: People in the movie theatre kept talking during the movie. Ex: That girl talks forever.   Prepositions used with talk […]


Say vs Tell

Say vs Tell Say = to speak words Say/said is usually used when repeating what someone has said. Ex: He said he was feeling sick. Ex: What did she say? Ex: When he said he was quitting, we became sad.   Prepositions used with say/ said We use “to” with said to show who we […]