2016 March


Listen & Learn: Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is an American musician. He is the singer and guitarist for the E Street Band. His nickname is “The Boss.” He was born in 1949 in New Jersey. In 1975, he released the album “Born To Run.” That album was his first successful album. In 1984, he released the album “Born In The […]


To Have Butterflies In Your Stomach

To Have Butterflies In Your Stomach   = to feel nervous     Ex: The show was about to begin, and the performer nervously walked around and said he was feeling “butterflies in his stomach.” Ex: “Having butterflies in your stomach” is a normal feeling before an important event like taking a test or giving […]


Listen & Learn: The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are two DJs from Manchester,England. Originally, their name was the Dust Brothers. However, because another band already had that name, they changed their name to the Chemical Brothers to avoid a lawsuit. The Chemical Brothers use a lot of electronic sounds. In England, electronic music is very popular. However, their music is […]


Listen & Learn: Blur

  Blur is an English alternative rock band. They began in London, England in 1989. They were a part of the 90’s Brit-Pop music movement. Blur’s rival was another famous English band called Oasis. Both bands would talk bad about the other band in music magazines. Blur became very famous in England. However, until 1997 […]


Ask Evil #17

Guest: Kyoko On this episode of the Ask Evil Podcast Kyoko and I chat about English including the following: Throw Someone/ Something Off  – 3:15 Throw the Book At Someone  –  7:40 Straight Up  – 10:58 In a Heartbeat – 16:15 Hit Back – 19:15


Nuh Uh

Nuh Uh = no, no way (amazement)   *often used by young people who are arguing **similar to “uhn uh”or “no way”   Ex: Person #1:  You stole my money. Person #2:  “Nuh uh,” I didn’t steal your money.  (No) Ex:  Person 1: You are the winner of the contest. Person #2: “Nuh uh,”  I […]


Uh Oh

Uh Oh = used as a self response for making a mistake, used to show you’re in a bad situation     Ex:  Person:  Who threw this ball at my window? Child:  “Uh oh”   (I’m in trouble) Ex:  (Hair dresser after accidentally cutting a big chunk of hair) “Uh oh”,  I’m very sorry I’ve […]


Uhn Uh

Uhn Uh (or pronounced uh uh )   = no, showing disagreement   *opposite of uh huh   Ex: Mother:  Did you brush your teeth? Child:  “Uhn uh”  I’m busy playing a video game.  I will brush my teeth later. Ex: (Mother to child) “Uhn uh”  Do not climb on the furniture.  It’s not a toy. […]


Uh Huh

Uh Huh = yes, I see   *opposite of uhn uh   Ex: Mom: Did you brush your teeth? Child:  “Uh huh.”  I already brushed them.   (Yes) “Uh huh” is also used in a conversation to confirm to the speaker that you understand what they are saying. Ex: “Uh huh” ….  I see,  that’s […]


Make Fun of (Someone/ Something)

Make Fun of (Someone/ Something)   = tease, laugh at, joke about, or mock someone/ something   Ex: The other students “made fun of him” because he looked different. Ex: When she moved north, other people “made fun of her southern accent.”