2016 February


Listen & Learn: Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday is considered one of the greatest jazz singers ever. She was born in 1915. Her real name was Eleanora Fagan. She grew up in Baltimore, U.S. and had a painful childhood. She dropped out of school when she was 11-years old. Later, she was raped by a neighbor and removed from her mother’s […]


Episode #21: Chatting With Ai About Her Experience In America

Guest: Ai On this episode of the Evil English Podcast, I chat with Ai about her experience in America and the following: Why do you teach English? – 11:00 What is your opinion of America? – 12:20 Bad parts of America – 13:50 Have you experienced Yellow Fever? – 19:30 What made you interested to […]


Listen & Learn: Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is a British rock band that formed in 1967. Actually the only remaining original member is drummer Mick Fleetwood. Soon after starting they added bassist John McVie. They also added his wife, keyboardist Christine McVie. Early 1970s, they had modest success. However, some band members became tired and decided to leave the band. […]


Friday Night Fights: Apple vs the U.S. Government

A few months ago, there was a shooting in San Bernardino, California, leaving 14 people dead.  The killers, who were later killed by police, were identified to be Muslim terrorists.  The F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)  has been trying to gather as much information about the killers as they can.  However, the F.B.I. is not […]


Friday Night Fights: Donald Trump vs the Pope

  In this match, U.S. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and Pope Francis face off. While visiting Mexico, the Pope was asked about his opinion on Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has said that if he becomes president of the U.S. he will build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep out the Mexican migrants. […]


Dig (Something)

Dig (Something)  [slang]   = to like IMPORTANT NOTE: this is not the same as the verb “to dig.”  Ex: To dig a hole.     Ex: I “dig your new car.”  It is so cool Ex: I’m really “digging this music.”  It makes me want to dance.  


To Be In the Doghouse

To Be In the Doghouse   = (figuratively) when someone is mad at you (usually girlfriend or wife)   Ex: John was “in the doghouse” after he forgot his wedding anniversary. Ex: His girlfriend is very mad at him for skipping their date and going out with his friends, so now he’s “in the doghouse.” […]


Listen & Learn: Air

Air’s name comes from the initials A.I.R. In French, it stands for “Amour, Imagination, Rêve,” which translates to “love, imagination and dream.” Their music is like electronic, rock and lounge music. The two band members are from France. Jean-Benoit Dunkell is in charge of vocals, piano, synthesizer, vibraphone, etc. Nicolas Godin is in charge of […]


The Race For U.S. President is Heating Up

Democrat  vs Republican (BTW, the Democrat’s symbol is the donkey, and the Republican’s symbol is the elephant.)   Battle For the Democratic (Liberal) Nominee Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Six months ago I would have said that Hillary Clinton had the biggest chance of any candidate to become president, but now that’s all changed.  Now, […]



Backfire     = to have the opposite effect than what was intended     Ex: We thought we could make a lot of money by starting a business, but the plan “backfired” and we lost a lot of money. Ex: Her plan to help the homeless man “backfired” because the homeless man yelled at […]