2016 January


Social Justice Warriors Protest Kimono Exhibition

Audio and voice recording >>   (Source) Last summer,  the Boston Museum of Fine Arts had a special art presentation called Kimono Wednesday, where they let people try on Japanese kimonos.  The presentation was part of an exhibition celebrating Claude Monet’s famous painting “La Japonaise.” People could wear a kimono that looks similar to the […]


American Millennials are Crybabies

When I was a teenager, I listened to grunge music like Nirvana and vandalized (purposely destroyed or altered) public objects, like Stop signs etc.  I was a dumb kid who hated authority and felt I needed to break things to get attention.  Luckily I never went to jail and soon grew out of that phase […]


Ask Evil #16

Guest: Yumi On this episode of the Ask Evil Podcast, Yumi and I chat about English and the following: To Be Stuffed Nailed it Hit the Nail On the Head To Have an Itch to Do Something Copycat Hot Boxing


American Generation Names

American Generation Names ( Based on living generations) 2001-present =  The New Silent Generation or Generation Z Raised on technology, multi-cultured, smart phones Videogames – Playstation 4 & XBOX 1, smart phone games Music – Dance & Pop     1980-2000 =  Millennials or Generation Y “9/11 Generation”, Taught they are “special,” Internet, Facebook, DVDs, […]


Social Justice Warrior

Social Justice Warrior   Sometimes shortened to the acronym SJW   = derogatory term for people who always find something to be offended about.  They don’t understand humor or free speech. If they think something / someone is even slightly racist, sexist or in anyway offensive, they attack by posting negative comments on social media […]



Crybaby   = someone who will cry or complain over the smallest things out of self pity   Ex: He is such a “crybaby.”  He whines and cries over nothing just to get attention. Ex: There are so many “crybabies” complaining the government doesn’t help them enough, when they should get a job and stop […]


Chinese Copycat Cities

Source China is known for being a copycat culture.  They recently got into trouble for having fake Apple stores that sold fake Apple computers.  This copycat culture doesn’t just mean products.  China has also become interested in copying entire cities of the world.  Seriously. The Chinese architects have no interest in thinking outside the box. […]



Copycat   = a person who copies another’s behavior, clothing, or ideas   Ex: He always tries to act like me, and says the same things I do.  He’s such a “copycat.” Ex: My dad always told me to be unique, think for myself, and don’t be a “copycat” by following what other people do.


How Actor Sean Penn Helped Capture the World’s Biggest Drug Dealer

  (Source) If you don’t know who Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is, he’s basically the biggest drug dealer ever.  His Mexican drug cartel is responsible for a lot of the world’s drug trade along with murders, kidnappings and all sorts of really bad things. El Chapo escaped a maximum security prison last July in Mexico […]

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Watch Some Young Girls Sing a Creepy Donald Trump Song

  On Wednesday, in Pensacola, Florida, Donald Trump gave a speech to 10,000 of his supporters in his quest to become America’s next president.  The most creepy thing (besides Donald Trump’s hair) was a song performance by some young girls. With some lyrics such as “Enemies of freedom face the music” and “come on boys, […]