2015 November


It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is   = there is nothing you can do to help or change the situation, so accept it   Ex: We tried to win the game, but we lost.  “It is what it is.”  We can’t change it. We’ll try to to do better next time. Ex: I don’t want to […]

Big Deal

Big Deal = something very important   Ex: This party is a “big deal.”  I want to look my best. Ex:  This is the final test of the year, so it’s a “big deal.”     What’s the big deal? = why is this bad / important ?   Ex: “What’s the big deal” with gay marriage?  […]

Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Momma

Sugar Daddy / Sugar Momma = a rich older man or woman who buys gifts for a younger  man or woman for her company or sexual favors     Ex: She only stays with her “sugar daddy” because he’s always buying her expensive things. Ex: She doesn’t want a real boyfriend.  She just wants a […]