2015 October

Tongue in Cheek

Tongue in Cheek (or sometimes called “tongue and cheek”) = to be joking, kidding     Ex: He’s always speaking “tongue in cheek.” He never acts serious. Ex: The speaker’s “tongue in cheek” comments about her children had the audience laughing.  

The Writing On the Wall

The Writing On the Wall   = the likelihood something bad will happen     Ex: The company should have seen “the writing on the wall” and changed when customers stopped buying their products. Ex: After she refused to talk to me or answer my messages, it was clear “the writing was on the wall.” Our […]

Give Me a Break

Give Me a Break!   = 3 meanings:   1) stop it, that is enough,  stop bothering me 2) I don’t believe you, you can’t expect anyone to believe you 3) Don’t be so harsh.  Give me another chance     1) Give me a break = stop it Ex:  I’m tired of hearing you […]

Don’t Get Me Wrong

“Don’t Get Me Wrong”   = don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say     Ex: “Don’t get me wrong,” I like children, I just don’t plan to have any. Ex: “Don’t get me wrong,” I like what you did, but I just think you can do better    

Ask Evil #15

Guest: Yumi     On this episode, Yumi and I chat about English as well as the following: Dope Gee Pissed off Out of the blue One of these days The difference between fill up, fill out, and fill in.   You can also listen to the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud. Please subscribe, so you never […]

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree   = a child is similar to their parents   *It is similar to phrases “Like father, like son, or like mother, like daughter.     Ex: The dad was caught stealing as teenager, and then his son was caught stealing as teenager. “The apple doesn’t fall […]