2015 September

Go On

Go On (phrasal verb)   = 1) continue   Ex:  I’m sorry for interrupting our conversation, please “go on” with what you were talking about before. Ex: It’s been raining for 10 straight days.  I wonder how long this will keep “going on.” Ex: The man’s speech “went on” for another 3 hours before I […]

Hit the Jackpot

Hit the Jackpot   Figurative meaning = to be exactly right, to find exactly what you were looking for   Literal meaning = to win the greatest prize from gambling or lottery   Ex: I was looking for a house with a big front yard and a fireplace, and I really “hit the jackpot” with […]

Bear In Mind

Bear In Mind     = suggesting someone to remember something *“Bear in mind” is the same meaning as “keep in mind.”     Ex: “Bear in mind,” this is my first time Ex: “Bear in mind,” I’m not 20 years old anymore, so take it easy on me.  

Deal With It

Deal With It   = a demand to solve a challenge or endure a situation   *“Deal with it” is often used to annoy people.   Ex:  I’m just better than you.  “Deal with it.” Ex:  She doesn’t love you anymore.  “Deal with it.”      

Black Eye

Black Eye   = bruise around the eye    


Bullshit   Curse Word Level 2   Used a noun: = something not true, I don’t believe you, something is unfair   Ex: The story about Santa Claus is “bullshit.”  (it’s not true) Ex:  I can’t believe the price are so high.  It’s “bullshit.”  (it’s unfair) Ex: Politicians are great at speaking “bullshit” to make […]


B.S.   = Bull shit *It’s a more acceptable, and appropriate way of saying “bullshit.” * You can learn about the meaning of “bullshit” here. Probably  one of the most used acronyms because of people trying to avoid to say the curse word “shit.”     Ex: That’s a bunch of “b.s.”  ( Those are lies) […]

Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit   = naked, wearing no clothes     Ex:  Sorry I can’t open the door right now.  I’m wearing my “birthday suit.” Ex:  I had a dream I went to school in nothing but my “birthday suit,” and everyone was staring at my naked body.    

Hit the Spot

Hit the Spot = 1) something that feels/tastes refreshing (It was a good idea to do that or eat/drink that)     2) to be exactly right   (you may also see it as “spot on.”)     Ex:  After a long day, a cold beer would really “hit the spot.” Ex:  That massage “hit […]

Ask Evil #14

Guest: Yumi On this episode, Yumi and I chat about English and the following: Yumi’s trip to Thailand Popular expressions like: Stick up for someone You are snot Snot nosed Picking boogers Booger eater Pick your nose Jabbering Chit chat Somersault (flip) Neat Wall ball (game) Back off Divine