2015 July

Ba Dum Tsss

Ba Dum Tsss  (onomatopeia)     (Many different spellings, but same basic sound) = drum technique following the conclusion of a  cheesy/ corny joke However, people can make the sound (with their mouth) when they hear a cheesy joke   This is the sound: *Imagine an unfunny comedian telling cheesy jokes on stage, and after […]

Break a Leg

Break a Leg     = good luck     “Break a leg” is usually said to a performer (actor, musician etc.) before a performance. However, it us now common to use the expression in other situations. (Ex: taking a test) The origin of this phrase is unknown.  There are many different stories of how […]

Did You Know vs Do You Know

Did You Know vs Do You Know     “Do” is present tense, so do you know = do you currently know (at this moment)  Ex: Do you know we have a test today?  (Are you aware of it?)   “Did” is past tense, so did you know = have you previously known something Ex: Did […]

Put Up With

Put Up With = to accept or continue to accept an unpleasant situation or experience, or someone who behaves unpleasant     Ex:  I don’t know why I continue to “put up with” her lying.  I need to be stronger and make her tell me the truth. Ex:  I can “put up with” a few […]

Pig Out

Pig Out   = to eat as much as you can, gorge oneself, eat like a pig     Ex:  The food at the party was free, so I “pigged out,” and ate as much as I could. Ex:  On Thanksgiving Day, I skip breakfast, so I have enough room in my stomach to “pig […]

Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth   = you said exactly what I was going to say   *In conversation, people will sometimes say what you were about to say.   Ex: Wow, we think alike because you “took the words right out of my mouth.” Ex:  He “took the words right out […]


Hell   Level 1 curse word (slightly inappropriate)   *IMPORTANT NOTE: This expression usually doesn’t refer to the religious hell, unless if you’re angry and tell someone to “go to hell.”   In this case, hell = annoyance, surprise or to show emphasis   Ex: Oh “hell!”  I forgot to pay the electricity bill. Ex: […]

What’s the Deal?

What’s the Deal?   1) =  How are you?/ what’s up? (informal greeting) 2) = please explain the situation/ problem/ plan   Ex: So, “what’s the deal?”  How have you been?  = tell me about your life (informal) Ex: Sara hasn’t been to work in a week.  “What’s the deal?” = what’s the problem Ex: […]

Keyboard Warrior

Keyboard Warrior    = a person who makes abusive posts on the internet, but hides their true identity     Ex:  The “keyboard warrior” is always harassing people on the internet, but he would be afraid to say the same things face to face. Ex:  Any “keyboard warrior” can be brave and say rude things […]

Side Effect

Side Effect = the secondary, usually unwanted effect from taking medicine or receiving medical surgery     Ex: The “side effect” from taking the medicine may include diarrhea or vomiting.     “Side effect” can also be used to describe other things with unintended consequences.   Ex: Using chemicals to kill insects may have many […]