2015 April

Squash the Beef

Beef   IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not the same meaning as the beef you eat. = to have a grudge, a complaint, or start a fight against someone or something used as noun: Ex: I have a “beef” with the American public school system because kids aren’t learning the basics. Ex: John has a “beef” […]

So vs Very

So vs Very (used with adjectives)   So =  usually needs another clause (that’s part of the sentence) used after it The ‘so’ part of the sentence explains why the ‘that’ part of the sentence happens.     Ex: Texas is “so” big that everyone in the world could live there. Ex: The man is […]

Knock Out (work)

Knock Out (work)   = to quickly finish work     Ex: I “knocked out” my assignments before class tomorrow. Ex: Tomorrow is the last day, so we have to “knock out” as much work as we can today.   Who says it?:  Everyone  

See Stars

See Stars   = slightly lose consciousness/ awareness after being hit in the head   Ex: After taking the hard hit in the head, I was “seeing stars.” Ex: Sometimes when I played American football I would get hit hard, and I would become dizzy and “seeing stars.”   Who says it?:  Everyone

Knock Out/ Be Knocked out

Knock Out/ Be Knocked Out   to knock someone out = to make someone unconscious to be knocked out = to become unconscious     Ex: During the boxing match, the boxer “knocked out” the other boxer. Ex: The car crash “knocked me out,” and I woke up in the hospital.   Who says it?: […]

Knockout (person)

Knockout (describing a person)   = an extremely attractive person Ex: Look at that girl.  Wow, what a “knockout!”  She is so attractive. Ex: The old woman described her husband as a tall, strong, “knockout” when she first met him a long time ago.   Who says it?   Everyone  

Tie Up Loose Ends

Tie Up Loose Ends   = take care of unfinished business, finish things you started before   Ex: Before I go on vacation, I have to “tie up some loose ends,” so I don’t have to worry about anything while I’m gone. Ex: I’ve been putting off finishing many projects, but now is the time […]


Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve = something specific that really annoys you   Ex: My “pet peeve” is people talking with their mouth full of food. Ex: My brother always leaves the can food lid on the can opener without throwing it away. It’s a huge “pet peeve” of mine.    

Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater   = when you want to improve something, don’t remove the good parts with the bad parts     Ex: I know you want to change everything on your project, but “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” There are some good things you shouldn’t change. […]

The Birds and the Bees

The Birds and the Bees   = the conversation parents have with children to explain sexual reproduction     Ex: My dad looked really embarrassed as he explained to me the story of “the birds and the bees.” Ex:  It’s important that parents give their children “the birds and the bees” conversation.