2015 March

On Fire

On Fire   = doing very good (“On fire” is used often to describe athletes who are on a great streak.) Ex: Sarah is “on fire” at her new job. She will get promoted quickly. Ex: The basketball player was “on fire.”  He never missed a shot in the game.      Hot You may […]

Knock Yourself Out

Knock Yourself Out     = go for it, try to do something yourself *IMPORTANT NOTE: This meaning of “knock yourself out” doesn’t mean to lose consciousness.       Ex:  So if you think you can solve the puzzle, go ahead and “knock yourself out.” Ex:  Person # 1 Can I have try a piece of […]


TGIF   = Thank God It’s Friday   Ex:  “TGIF!” I can’t wait to leave work and go out with my friends tonight. Ex:  It’s been a long week. “TGIF!”  I’m just going to relax this weekend.  

Take (Something) With a Grain of Salt

Take (Something) With a Grain of Salt   = view something with skepticism, or do not take something literally     Ex:  Uncle John loves to tell stories, but we have to “take them with a grain of salt” because he like to exaggerate and make things up. Ex: The internet is great, but we […]

Cooler Heads Prevail

Cooler Heads Prevail   = calmer people have a greater chance to succeed or have influence on events     Ex:  Everybody thought the two men were going to fight, but fortunately “cooler heads prevailed,” and the men left without fighting. Ex:  During the Cold War, the U.S. and the Soviet Union threatened to destroy each […]