2015 February

Thick Skin

Thick Skin (to have thick skin or to be thick skinned) = to not be sensitive to criticism, to not get angry when someone says something negative about you     Ex:  The president must be “thick skinned” and not get angry at negative comments. Ex:  I’m used to people saying negative things to me […]

Pipe Down

Pipe Down   = be quiet     Ex: “Pipe down!”  I’m trying to study and you’re making too much noise. Ex:  “Pipe down,” and stop yelling at me.  


‘Em   = short for “them”     Ex:  Those are the thieves who stole our money. Get “’em!” Ex:  Love “’em” or hate “’em,” eating vegetables are important to our health.  

To Hit On Someone

To Hit On Someone   = to flirt with, show someone you’re interested in them     Ex: Dude, that girl is “hitting on you.”  She obviously likes you. Ex:  She had a big argument with her boyfriend because she saw him “hitting on another girl.”  

Go Nuts

Go Nuts   = 1) act crazy, become frustrated    2) do what you want, take what you want     Ex:  After their team won the championship, all the fans “went nuts,” and ran on the field. Ex:  This restaurant has a buffet, so you can eat all you want. So “go nuts.” Ex: […]

Get Something Off One’s Chest

Get Something Off One’s Chest = to say something that you have been worrying about, or wanted to say   Ex: I have to “get something off my chest.” Luke, I’m your father. Ex: If you need someone to talk to, or “get something off your chest,” I’m always here for you.  



IMO = In My Opinion Ex:  “IMO” vanilla ice cream is much better than chocolate ice cream. Ex:  I don’t think the president Bush was that smart, “IMO.”  

Excuse My French

Excuse My French   = I’m sorry for saying a curse word     Ex: I fucking hate Mondays!  “Excuse my French.” Ex: I don’t give a shit what the boss says. “Excuse my French.”  

Hit the Sack

Hit the Sack/ Hit the Hay   =  go to bed     Ex:  I’m so tired.  I’m going to “hit the sack” early tonight. Ex:  Tomorrow is a big day, so you should “hit the hay,” and get plenty of rest.  

Jump to Conclusions

Jump to Conclusions   = to judge or decide something without having all the facts     Ex: Please study all the facts before you just “jump to conclusions.” Ex:  Don’t “jump to conclusions.” Maybe that woman he is dancing with is his daughter.