2015 January


STFU   = Shut The Fuck Up (a rude way to say “be quiet”) Fuck = Level 3 Curse Word (Most offensive level)   Ex:  I wish this lady sitting in front of me on the bus would “STFU.”  She talks so loud. Ex:  All the other students at my school like to spread gossip.  […]

Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers   Two opposite meanings: = 1) If you hold it for others to see, then you’re wishing for good luck = 2) If you hide it then you are telling a lie on purpose.     Ex:  I sent my application for the job.  My “fingers are crossed.”  I hope I get the […]

Give Someone the Benefit of the Doubt

Give Someone the Benefit of the Doubt   = assume someone is innocent until proven otherwise, think the best of them instead of the worst in a situation     Ex: Other people say she stole the money, but I want to “give her the benefit of the doubt,” until I see real evidence that […]

Cut To the Chase

Cut To the Chase   = get to the point without wasting time. Leave out unnecessary details and focus on what is important.     Ex: I’m in a hurry, so please “cut to the chase,” and tell me only what is important. Ex:  I’m just going to “cut to the chase,” and ask you […]


Priceless vs Worthless

Priceless vs Worthless   They have opposite meanings:   Priceless = something so precious that its value can’t be determined (priceless is often used to describe a funny moment) Ex: The watch belonged to my great grandfather, so  I can’t sell it because it’s “priceless.”     Worthless = having no value or use Ex: […]

You Snooze, You Lose

You Snooze You Lose   = if you wait you will miss out on getting/ doing something *The snooze button is on a alarm clocks and lets you sleep a little longer.     Ex: The special sale is only this week. Don’t wait! If “you snooze, you lose.” Ex:  If you like that girl […]

Straight Up

Straight Up   =  truthfully, honestly     Ex:  The other team was just “straight up” better. That’s why they won. Ex:  Be “straight up” with me.  Did you cheat on the test? Ex:  Michael Jordan was the best basketball player ever, “straight up.”  


Cliché  (or cliche) * pronounced klee-shay (noun) =  a word, expression, idea, or artistic element that has been overused so much that it loses its original meaning or effect     Ex: I wish he would say something original, instead of saying the same old “cliches.” Ex:  Teenagers like a certain phrase, and say it […]


“NSFW”   = Not Safe For Work   * Something, (usually from the internet) that contains possible words or images, that may get you in trouble if seen while at a job.   Ex:  Warning: The following website is “NSFW” because it shows some nude photos Ex:  Be careful looking at the E-mail, it may […]

Bark Up the Wrong Tree

Bark Up the Wrong Tree = picking the wrong person to do, to listen or to accept something     Ex:  I can’t believe he is blaming me for eating his food.  He “barked up the wrong tree” because I didn’t eat it. Ex:  You are “barking up the wrong tree,” if you think I […]