2014 December


Swig   = taking a big drink     Ex:  He was in a hurry, so he “swigged” his soda and left. Ex:  Many immature college students “swig” alcohol to get drunk faster during parties.  

Ask Evil #13 Christmas Special

Guest: Yumi (Scroll down to listen to the podcast.) On this episode of the Ask Evil Podcast Yumi and I chat about Christmas and the following:   How do Japanese people celebrate Christmas? How do Americans celebrate Christmas? What is the meaning of Christmas? What do American eat and drink during Christmas?   English words and […]


Get Your Feet Wet

Get Your Feet Wet   = to get a little first time experience doing something (Imagine a cold or hot pool.  Instead of jumping straight in, you dip your feet to get a better feeling of the temperature, and after you might jump in.)     Ex:  Before you start the new job, do a […]

Kill Someone With Kindness

Kill Someone With Kindness   =  when someone is angry at you, instead of getting angry back, you act extra nice to them.  (This makes the person mad because they want to have an argument with you, but you won’t let them.)     Ex:  When my wife yells at me, I always “kill her with […]

Push Someone’s Buttons

Push Someone’s Buttons   =  do or say something that makes someone react in a negative way     Ex:  Relax.  She is just trying to “push your buttons,” and make you angry.  Ignore her. Ex:  Don’t “push my buttons.”  I will kick your ass.  


D.I.Y.   =  Do It Yourself   (The acronym is associated with jobs that one can do by themselves without the need for a professional)     Ex:  I still haven’t finished the “D.I.Y.” project that I started last year. Ex:  Oh no, my dad is going to try to fix the car “D.I.Y.”  The […]

Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool   = stay calm     Ex:  Relax, man. “Keep your cool.”  There is no reason to panic.  The test is next week. Ex:  Although the guy made me angry, I “kept my cool” and ignored his remarks.    

Deal With

Deal  With   = take action to do something, especially to solve a problem     Ex:  You can’t just ignore your problems.  You need to “deal with” them.     Deal With It = solve a challenge, endure a situation   Ex:  She doesn’t love you anymore.  “Deal with it.” What’s the deal?  = 2 […]

Chip On the Shoulder

Chip On the Shoulder   = hold a grudge, hold a bad feeling or hate against someone for something they did in the past     Ex:  He still has a “chip on his shoulder” from something bad that happened to him in the past. Ex:  He carries a “chip on his shoulder”  against German […]

Devil’s Advocate

Devil’s Advocate   idiom:  playing {the} devil’s advocate = a person who argues against something, not as an opponent (in disagreement), but simply for the sake of argument Ex:  Person #1:  Let’s go swimming in the pool. Person #2:  You know people pee in the pool, are you sure you want to go?  I’m just […]