2014 September

All the Rage

All the Rage   =  when something, person, place or thing etc. becomes extremely popular     Ex:  You have to see these new dance moves I learned.  It’s “all the rage” in my hometown. Ex:  Let’s go see that new Swarzenegger movie.  I hear it’s “all the rage.”  

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry   = personal matters that could be embarrassing if made public Ex:  The company is trying to keep its “dirty laundry” from airing in public. Ex: She always spreads gossip about other people’s “dirty laundry.”


GMO   = [G]enetically [M]odified [O]rganism (foods that have been genetically created)     Ex:  All around the world, GMOs are a controversial topic for people.   Ex:  Are GMOs a scientific miracle or a problem for human’s health?  

Evil English Radio – 9/21/2014

On this session of Evil English Radio you can here music from:   Bent – Coming Back  (Ariels) The Meters – Heartache  (Good Old Funky Music) Alice Russel – Hurry On Now  (Autres) Boy and Bear – Southern Sun  (Harlequin Dream) Chic – (Funny) Bone  (C’est Chic) Bonobo – The Keeper (Black Sands) P.M. Dawn […]

Stab Someone In the Back

Stab Someone In the Back   = betray someone   * You can call the person who betrays a “backstabber.”     Ex:  I trusted her with my secrets, but she “stabbed me in the back” by telling everybody. Ex:  We were best friends, but he “stabbed me in the back” by sleeping with my […]

Chew Someone Out

Chew Someone Out   =  to be angry at someone, and tell them they did something wrong     Ex: After getting in trouble in school, his father “chewed him out.” Ex:  After forgetting his marriage anniversary, his wife “chewed him out.”

Mayonaise Lyrics

Mayonaise     Fool enough to almost be it Cool enough to not quite see it Doomed Pick your pockets full of sorrow And run away with me tomorrow June We’ll try and ease the pain But somehow we’ll feel the same Well, no one knows Where our secrets go I send a heart to […]

Call Me Lyrics

    Call Me   If you’re feeling sad and lonely There’s a service I can render Tell the one who loves you only I can be so warm and tender Call me Don’t be afraid, you can call me Maybe it’s late, but just call me Tell me, and I’ll be around When it […]

The Rip Lyrics

  The Rip   As she walks in the room Scented and tall Hesitating once more And as I take on myself And the bitterness I felt I realise that love flows Wild, white horses They will take me away And the tenderness I feel Will send the dark underneath Will I follow? Through the […]

Evil English Radio – 9/14/2014

 (Scroll down to listen)   On this session of Evil English Radio you can hear music from:   Zero 7 – Spinning Dub (Simple Things) Saru – Something Stronger (Downtempo Dojo) Röyksopp – Hus Nr. 9 As One – Rumors  (Elegant Systems) Portishead – The Rip  (The Rip)  Lyrics Sarah Vaughn – Call Me  (The New […]