2014 August


Booze   = alcohol     Ex:  Your breath smells like “booze.”  Have you been drinking alcohol? Ex:  Is there going to be any “booze” at the party?

Cut the Cheese

Cut the Cheese   = fart   Ex:  Who “cut the cheese?”  It stinks! Ex:  When I’m around her I always “cut the cheese” because it’s funny to see her get angry.  


OOMF   = One Of My Friends/ Followers   (mentioning someone anonymously) Oomf could be your crush, ex, or a person you just don’t want to mention directly     Ex: “Oomf” is so funny.  She sends me the weirdest texts. Ex:  I have a crush “oomf,” but I’m afraid to tell her.

Open Book

Be an Open Book   = a person who has nothing to hide, easy to know/ trust     Ex: My life is an “open book.”  I’m not a private person, and I don’t like to keep secrets. Ex: She is an “open book” because she doesn’t hide anything, and you always know her true […]

Catch -22

Catch – 22   = there are two options to a situation, but both options work against you     Ex: A starving man can steal food and live, but be taken away from his family and sent to jail.  Starve or go to jail, it’s a “catch-22” situation. Ex: To get a good job, […]

Ask Evil #5

Guest: Mika (Scroll down to listen to the podcast.)   Mika and I chatted about English and the following:   What is the difference between “fast” and “quick?” What to say when you want your students to speak louder? What is the term for people who work at shops? What is the term for people […]

Everyday vs Every day

Everyday vs Every day   Everyday = common, ordinary, regular Ex:  Although he won the lottery it didn’t change his “everyday” life. Ex:  Seeing celebrities in Los Angeles is an “everyday” occurrence. Every day = each day Ex:  I study Japanese “every day.” Ex:  “Every day” I go for a walk.  


Nuts   = crazy   Expression:  Driving someone nuts = making someone become crazy Ex:  Why are you throwing things at the tiger in the zoo?  Are you “nuts?” Ex:  This girl  has called me over 100 times today.  She won’t leave me alone. She is driving me “nuts.”    


Catch   = a hidden problem or disadvantage in an apparently great situation     Ex:  This deal sounds too good to be true.  What’s the “catch?” Ex:  I received a letter in the mail that said I’ve won a million dollars  There must be a “catch.”

Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Let the Cat Out of the Bag   = reveal a secret carelessly or by mistake     Ex: Sarah didn’t know about her surprise party until someone was talking to her and accidentally “let the cat out of the bag.” Ex: We were going to keep our plans to get married a family secret, […]