2014 May

Chick Flick

Chick Flick   = a movie made for women to enjoy (Usually the movie is a romantic story.)     Ex:  I wanted to watch an action movie, but my girlfriend made me watch the “chick flick.” Ex:  The movie was a typical “chick flick” about a love story.  

Gold Digger

Gold Digger   = a person who dates/ marries someone for the purpose of getting money from them     Ex:  The 90-year old millionaire man married a 25- year old girl.  She is such a “gold digger.” Ex:  He doesn’t want to marry a “gold digger” who is only interested in his money.   […]


SOL   = Shit Outta/ Out (of) Luck (losing all of one’s luck) Ex: I left my homework at home.  “I’m “SOL.”   Ex: Oh No!  There’s a hole in our boat. We’re “SOL!”  

To Have It In For Someone

To Have It In For Someone   = to dislike someone, to hold a grudge   Ex:  I know my boss “has it in for me” by the giving me the bad jobs.  He wants me to quit.   Ex:  Kyleen “has it in for Mary”  She is always looking annoyed when Mary talks.   […]

Face Off

Face Off   = a meeting of opponents : a conflict or fight (*also the term used in the sport of hockey to begin play.)   Ex: Before the fight, the two fighters “face offed,” and stared at each others’ eyes Ex:  The two best teams will “face off” in the championship game.    

Canary In a Coal Mine

Canary In a Coal Mine   = someone or something which warns of the coming of greater danger or trouble by a deterioration in its health or welfare.   (The origin of “canary in a coal mine”  came from when coal miners would take a canary down into the mines with them, canaries were very […]

Episode #15 “Texas”

Guest: Jim (Scroll down to listen to our chat.) Jim and I chat about the state of Texas and the following: Growing up in Kerrville, Texas Leaving Kerrville for the big city of Austin. ” Don’t be scared of the unknown because there is a lot of beautiful moments and experiences out there if you’re […]

You Can Say That Again

You Can Say That Again!     = used to show strong agreement   Ex: Person #1 : These potatoes are delicious. Person #2:  “You can say that again!” They are the best potatoes I’ve ever had. Ex: Person #1: I hate the way the boss treats us like children. Person #2:  “You can say […]

Sly Dog

“Sly Dog”   = a sneaky, devious, or just plain lucky person/ animal. (Often “sly dog” is used as a term of admiration.)       Ex: You just met her, and you already got her phone number?  You “sly dog” you!   Ex:  You have to be careful because he is a “sly dog.”  […]

Pussy Whipped

Pussy Whipped   = a man does whatever a woman tells him to do, for the purpose of having sex (Level 1 curse word)   Ex:  Whenever his girlfriend calls him, he always quickly goes to her.  He is so “pussy whipped.”   Ex:  He is so “pussy whipped” that he can only hangout with […]