2014 April

Real Deal

The Real Deal   = Person/place/ or thing that meets its high expectations.  It’s true to its form.   Ex: I wasn’t sure if the restaurant was going to be as good as everyone was saying, but it’s definitely  “the real deal.” Ex:  After watching Cristiano Ronaldo  score three goals, I realized he is “the […]


  aCcessory  =  ak-SESS’-ər-ee   = 1)a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. = 2) someone who gives assistance to a criminal     Try to pronounce it yourself.    


    aCcede  = ak-SEED = agree to a demand, request   Try to pronounce it yourself.     BACK to Pronunciation


FYI   = For Your Information For your interest. For you to know.  Correction Ex:  FYI,  the first U.S. president was not Abraham Lincoln, it was George Washington. Ex:  Just a FYI, tomorrow is the boss’s birthday, so you should find him a gift.


FML   = Fuck My Life   FML is an easier, faster way of saying something when nothings going your way.   Ex:  I forgot to bring my homework to school. “FML” Ex:  I got fired from my job, and then I got a speeding ticket while driving home.  “FML”  


LMAO =  Laugh My Ass Off (laugh extremely hard)   LMAO is used to show that you find something really funny – not just lol funny, but really funny.   Ex:  Oh my god, a bird just pooped on that ladies head.  “LMAO” Ex: “LMAO” I accidently wore my girlfriend’s pants today.


MILF = Mom I‘d Like (to) Fuck = an acronym sometimes used by young men to describe a sexually attractive older woman, typically over 30     Ex: My friend’s mom is so attractive. She’s definitely a “MILF” Ex:  Even though she has 4 kids she’s still a hot “MILF.”  


  Freak   =  a person, animal, or plant with an unusual physical abnormality.   IMPORTANT NOTE: to call another human a “freak” in this negative way is considered very rude. (Curse word level 1)   Ex:  Look at that fat man. What a “freak!” Ex: In America, in the past, you could see a […]


Bullshit   (Level 2 Curse Word)   (using bullshit as a noun) = stupid or untrue talk or writing   Ex:  This newspaper article is total “bullshit.”  The media always lies. Ex:  I’m sick and tired of her “bullshit.”  She is constantly saying stupid things. (using bullshit as a verb) = talk nonsense to (someone), […]

Fed Up

Fed Up   = being annoyed or upset at a situation or treatment     Ex: I am “fed up” with the way my boss yells at me for everything. Ex:  The citizens are “fed up” with their government and they are rioting. Ex: If you ignore someone the will become “fed up” and stop […]