2014 January

Lay vs Lie

Lay vs Lie   Important note: To help not confuse you, this lesson does include the verb “to lie = to not tell the truth,” “to lay eggs = chicken produces eggs”     Question: Do you lay down or lie down for a nap?       Lay  = to place or put something […]

Slang Terms For Marijuana

Slang Terms For Marijuana (Cannabis) The most popular nickname for marijuana (cannabis) is weed. After that, you can hear many other nicknames such as:   Pot Ganja Herb Chronic Green Bud Mary Jane Doobage Wacky tobaccky Reefer     There also is slang terms for marijuana cigarettes joint doobie blunt (marijuana cigar)     Other […]

I don’t think you VS I think you don’t

  I don’t think you/it/etc. … Vs I think you/it/etc. don’t …       Study these 2 sentences:   I don’t think it is going to rain tomorrow. I think it is not going to rain tomorrow.   *Both sentences are grammatically correct, and both basically mean the same. Question: What is different between […]

Out Of the Blue

Out of the blue   = something happened all of a sudden, unexpected       Ex:  It was a beautiful day, then “out of the blue” it started raining hard. Ex:  “Out of the blue,” we heard a gunshot.  We didn’t know where it came from. Ex: Everybody was having a great time at […]


  Cunt             =   a rude woman (literal meaning) = a woman’s genitals (Level 3 Curse Word)     *It has the same meaning as bitch, but much more inappropriate *If I could make a Level 4 for “cunt” I would because In America, it’s probably the most inappropriate word.     […]

Break the Mold

  Break the Mold = to do something differently, after it has been done in the same way for a long time.     Ex: Great artists are the artists not afraid to “break the mold” and try new ideas. Ex:  After years of tradition many Japanese people have “broken the mold” and are more […]


  Downfall = a loss of power, money, or status     Ex:  The 1990s saw the “downfall” of the Soviet Union, and the rebirth of Russia. Ex:  The movie’s “downfall” was the ending because it didn’t make sense.  Until the ending, it was a  good movie.  

Rat Race

Rat Race = an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit.   *Imagine a rat in a never ending maze, running around with no clue there is no ending.   Ex: All he cares about is making money.  He stuck in the “rat race” of work. Ex: John was tired of the “rat race” of life, so […]


Dickhead = a man who is stupid, irritating, or ridiculous.  (Level 2 Curse Word)   Ex: That “dickhead” is always yelling at his girlfriend. Ex:  It is easy to be a nice guy.  Just don’t be a “dickhead” to other people.  

Dying Cause

  Dying Cause = despite something’s best effort, it is not working.  It is no longer needed in life/work/relationships etc.     Ex: My mom always tells me not to use curse words, but she knows her efforts are a “dying cause.” Ex: Every morning I shovel snow, but it’s a “dying cause” because it […]