2013 December


Underground = Art, opinion or organization that exists outside of mainstream society or culture. (Also called “independent” or  “counter-culture”)        Ex: I like “underground” hip hop music because it is not popular like the music on the radio. Ex: The American military  is always looking for hidden “underground” terrorist organizations. Ex: Nobody has […]



Whore (*pronounced hore, “w” is silent) = a woman who a sex with many men (literal meaning) = a prostitute (*“Whore” is sometimes shortened to “Ho”)  (Level 2 Curse Word)     Ex:  In the city, you can get a “ho” for $30. Ex: “Sit Your ‘Whore’ Ass Down!”       “Whore” is also […]

Episode #11: “Christmas”

Guest: Yumi (Scroll down to listen to our conversation)     Yumi and I chat about Christmas and the following: Christmas in America Santa Claus gets inside Japanese houses through the toilet window. Is Santa Claus a white person? Now Christmas is controlled by the business industry. When I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. […]

Episode #10: “Learning”

Guest: Just Me (Scroll down to listen to my conversation with myself.) On this episode I chat with nobody but myself because it’s the holidays.  I chat about the secrets to learning as well as the following:   With language, there is NO top of the mountain. Mistakes are good for you Michael Jordan and […]

Episode #9: “The DJ”

Guest: Bonus Junk (Scroll down to listen to our conversation)   Bonus Junk and I talk about the life as a DJ as well as the following:   “Hip-hop is everything” – Afrika Bambaataa How did you get started as a DJ? The big move to Austin, Texas Behind the scenes as a DJ Scratching […]

Episode #8: “The Fighter”

Guest: Tad Zilla (Scroll down to listen to the conversation.)   Tad Zilla and I chat about fighting, and the following: His job as a bouncer What is it like being a MMA fighter? The legend of Tad Zilla Why young people should challenge themselves? MMA vs Boxing UFC Problems with UFC judging PRIDE MMA […]