2013 July

Speak Of The Devil

Speak of the Devil = phrase used when a person or an object of discussion unexpectedly becomes present during the conversation   *It is short for: “Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” However, it is a positive term. Basically, “speak of the devil” means: “Wow, we were just talking about you before you […]

No Sweat

No Sweat = no problem, or no difficulty   Ex:   Person#1: Can you take those boxes outside?           Person #2: “No sweat,” boss.   Ex:  My girlfriend can eat a whole pizza by herself.  “No sweat!”          It is “no sweat” for this old man to pick up the refrigerator.  

Watch Your Back

Watch Your Back = be careful, watch out   * This could be a threat or a warning from someone.     Ex:  In the city, it’s dangerous at night, so “watch your back,” and be careful. (warning)   Ex:  When I see you again, I’m going to hurt you, so you better “watch your […]

For Real

For Real = speaking honestly, the truth   Ex:  The rumors about our company closing are “for real.”  We have to find a new job. Ex:  I don’t think his friendly attitude is “for real.” I think it is fake. “Are you for real?” = are you serious, are you telling the truth Ex:  You’re […]

To Look To Someone

 To Look to Someone = to go to someone for help, advice, support, or to rely on someone, turn to someone for help, or refer to someone *IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not the same meaning as “to look at someone or something.” ,or to see someone/ something   Ex:  When my friends feels depressed, they […]


Ol’      IMPORTANT NOTE: In English, when we want to show accent we replace the final letter with an apostrophe ( ‘ ). For example:  eatin’, cookin’, goin’ etc. Ol’ (sometimes spelled “Ole”)  = old Ex: Good ol’ boy = Good old boy- Nice mannered rural Southern-American, white man, (age doesn’t matter.) Ex: the […]


 Diva = has both a positive and a negative meaning for a female * The term comes from a 1800s Italian noun for a female god. 1) diva  {positive meaning} = a term for a very famous and glamorous female ( usually an opera singer, Pop singer, actress and fashion expert ) synonyms for a […]

Vice Versa

 Vice Versa (or sometimes called “visa versa”) = the reverse of the previous statement or sentence. synonym = The other way around Ex:  I love her and “vice versa.”  (Vice versa = she loves me too.)   Ex:  Now, Americans like Japanese, and “vice versa.”  (Vice versa = Japanese like Americans too. *Recruitment commercials for […]


Meanwhile      1) meanwhile = (noun) The time between one event, process, or period to the other.  (From now until then.) *synonym = “in the meantime”   Ex: I need to do good on the test next week, but “meanwhile,” I will have to study hard.   Ex: Next month I’m going to Europe, […]


Whatever       1) whatever (pronoun) = used for referring to anything or everything that happens or is available, needed , wanted, etc. Ex: You are free to do “whatever” you want. Ex:  “Whatever” he told you was a lie.     2)  whatever (adjective) = when something does not matter Ex:  Person # 1:  […]